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Server Update 1.3.1

on Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:17 pm
Here is the changelog to 1.3.1, It is in no way correct grammar or order. It has been pulled directly off our bug tracker page. I'm really sorry if this is hard to read.

Code :
Add a hot-key to turn a vehicle engine on.
Only hurt players can be damaged while tabbed.
Anti-ninja jack
Added airplane and boat matrun
moved /setstaff formeradmin to /makeformeradmin
Added invite cooldown (/setcooldown) which sets a timer on how much a gang has to wait after an invite
Added admin divisions (now appear on /admins & /a aswell) with appropriate commands allocated to them.
A6+ can now see hidden admins
Dynamic Lockers (editable in-game with custom prices)
/undercover with random names
Lowered crackhouse gain from 100 grams to 75 grams
Added a 'hurt system': if you disconnect while hurt, you'll end up in the hospital. Aswell as certain actions such as enter/exit, cuff/tie/drag/tazer won't work.
/editlocation & /editlocker added
High-end turfs no longer give Snipers. Deagles are now High-end weapons. Lowered Base spas gain to 2 (+gang gun level still counts)
You no longer get kicked if you connect with a Non-RP Name. (but asked to change your name, to be approved by an admin)
Custom locations in /locate editable ingame
added damage amount to /explode
/editvehicle siren
fixed shots query not being executed (/damages)
Fixed more bugs w/ damage system. Tazer no longer damages players
Changed helper chat color as it conflicts w/ gang chat
Added backward compatibility for /locate (/locate dmv, etc)
Add a variable on houses, which disables Pizza delivery, this will be used for houses placed inside lands & unreachable places.
Added cooldown on crafting weapons yourself.
Added nametag obscurification
Admins can now set max active turf/point cap limit for gangs ingame.
/landperms to grant temp building perms (a6+)
No longer able to invite players during active turf or point (gangs)
No longer able to shoot player not streamed in (during Loading Objects).
Added a check, where if a player shooting is not streamed in, then make him vulnerable to hits.
added a timer to /gov
Land dupe & Furniture dupe bug fix
Fix for building over max object limit (in lands)
removed [drugs] on /setvip
added /fws, sniper, deagle, spas, m4, mp5, dildo :-)
added /osetvip
Added /undeployall
/setstat now shows warnings
Changed /nrn punishment to prison.
Fixed (/savevehicle) & (/editvehicle spawn) not saving virtual worlds
/givepayday admin level 6+
Administrators now need to be on /aduty to /sendto. Administrators level 6+ do not need to be.
Fixed /editfaction has wrong info for leader type edit
Fixed Engine state not set to false when car is entered for the first time
Gangs now have a limit of 3 strikes instead of 5
Added simple Anti Server Advertisment
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